Ask Ingo
You take way too long to update.

((Aaaaand 500 Followers))

((Thank you all so much. ;v;
Someday I’ll draw a gift for you all…just you wait…))

You know, OOC Ingo or whatever you'd like us to call you, it's fine if you can't update the blog. I mean, everyone's busy once in a while. Remember, real life comes first, and internet and such second.

((You can just call me Kyartan. :9
Also thanks. <3 I’m now trying my best to answer at least one answer per day, though))

((I feel so bad for not updating this, you guys have no idea))

((Don't listen to those trolls who keep rushing you for posts. They obviously don't realize that you have a life outside of the internet, unlike they do apparently.
Anyway, I ove your ask!blog, keep it up when possible and keep drawing, Pokémon or otherwise~! ))

((Well, thank you very much for your understanding, we really appreciate it! We have many question in our ask box and we’re also very sorry about taking so long to answer all of them. Sorry to use your ask for an anouncement:

But like said, we have in fact lifes and don’t have every single free time to draw. Also we have summer holidays and probably are on vacation. And some times we just haven’t ideas for funny/good-looking drawings and are waiting for a time, when we have a good one and make it look not shitty but some actual drawing which looks like effort and stuff. So please be patient, guys! :7))